The changing role of the technical publication

Changing Role of the Technical Publication – The traditional technical publication is a vibrant and abundant source of support information, from spares to skills and configuration to fault finding, the value of the information contained within quality technical publications is undeniable. The fact that the technical publication today is produced very differently to traditional monolithic…

TDW-Live App & Agenda

TDW-Live App & Agenda The TDW APP is and here and with TDW-Live#8 just under two weeks away – we have published the first draft of this years agenda and delegate hand-out. Please take the time to read and review what will be interesting to you and your specialities. We do not anticipate too many…


TDW-Live#7 – Day 1 and 2 Highlights

Did you miss TDW-Live#7? Check out some of the presentation highlights from our workshop day and our Practitioners (Technical Publications) track.. If you would like to know how you can access the full presentations contact Tech Data World ( TDW Members and Delegates can access full recordings via their dashboard: