About Allan Webb

Allan Webb (AWL) has been a leading provider of Supportability Services to UK MoD and Industry for 60 years. Utilising our extensive portfolio of Supportability Engineering, Technical Documentation and Training services, through to comprehensive Obsolescence Management (OM); Allan Webb can work with you to reduce whole life cost, increase operational availability and ensure a seamless support solution is delivered in all cases.


Our versatile team of technical, engineering and project management specialists employ their expertise across all areas of industry and seek to add value wherever possible by utilising complementary services and data intelligence to realise efficiencies and de-risk a project. At the heart of everything remains our customers. When utilising Allan Webb for your support needs our team will keep you updated and consulted as often as you desire to ensure your satisfaction with our progress.


With a flexible approach to working, AWL provides a cost effective team that can accommodate peaks and troughs in support requirements, providing efficient and novel systems and ways of working. Our large multi-disciplined team can quickly adapt to changing situations throughout a project, driving it forward to meet important milestones and KPIs. AWL also has a dedicated team of engineers and programmers at hand to develop systems and databases that provide anything from an additional layer of quality assurance, to developing support information, and even allowing for automation when producing certain technical information.

Obsolescence Management

Obsolescence Management (OM) is a structured process designed to influence the design, use and disposal of an asset. The term ‘asset’, in this regard, means any product, system or platform an organisation has designed to fulfil a purpose.

Early identification of obsolescence risk allows consideration of a broader range of options and, consequently, reduces the actual cost of resolution.

Significant downtime may occur while a new approved source or alternative solution is sought, which may incur significant cost. This can include the requalification or testing of replacement items where necessary. What do you do if a replacement for the failed part is no longer available, can no longer be satisfactorily supported or is no longer procurable from approved sources?

Significant and expensive downtime can occur while a new approved source, or an alternative solution, is sought which may need to be re-qualified and tested before use.

Mitigate risk with our obsolescence management services which include:

·       Supply Chain Management Assessment

·       Strategy, Plans and Process

·       Asset Availability

·       Asset Through Life Risk Analysis

·       Asset Case Resolution

·       Cost Avoidance & Prediction Analysis

·       OM & Counterfeit Training


Our Supportability and Obsolescence Management experts provide a range of public classroom, virtual classroom and e-Learning training solutions; many of which contribute to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours. 

Our team of training specialists work to industry standards and are well versed in the systems approach to training. Provided in a variety of media, our courses are developed with excellent technical foundations in mind and can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Through our Supportability and Obsolescence Management specialists, we offer a variety of courses that provide not only knowledge and skills experience, but an opportunity to engage in a collaborative, cross-sector learning environment. Our courses use a balanced approach to learning, from theoretical teaching to practical workshops where you can apply your knowledge in a realistic setting.


Technical Documentation and Publications

Technical documentation is key to implementing processes while ensuring safe operation and continuity when it comes to use, maintenance and repairs. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from creating individual elements of documentation to managing and delivering entire support packages. 

We work in a way that suits you – either spending time onsite with your engineers to produce technical manuals that capture your processes and procedures, or by obtaining information from OEM sources to develop publications remotely. We can create documentation in a range of formats, from simple PDF books to interactive electronic technical publications.

With extensive experience, we produce technical documentation for a variety of different purposes, including operating information, maintenance information and training information. Our comprehensive quality assurance procedures ensure that your technical documents are reliable, accurate and robust, striking the right balance between client involvement and a successfully outsourced approach.

Supportability Engineering

Crucial to ensuring your systems experience minimal downtime, our supportability engineering services are built to help prevent issues down the line and reduce cost throughout the life of a project.

We help influence the design of systems and equipment from the start, improving supportability and making sure the required logistic support resources are accurately identified.

Our supportability engineers are experts in Defence and International Standards and have a wealth of experience in supportability programmes internationally. With a dedicated team, including Availability Reliability and Maintainability (ARM) Engineers, Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Managers and Consultants, we can mobilise the best resource for the task at short notice.

We can provide bid support and consultancy from pre-qualification questionnaire stage through initiation to tender and post-contract. When procuring equipment, ILS often makes up a considerable portion of the overall bid with a lot of effort required upfront to tailor the solution and define a support strategy. That’s why our ILS experts support and guide you through this stage, providing project management and engineering intelligence, and drafting responses and associated plans.


Supply Chain and Logistics

Creating the optimal supply chain conditions to ensure that you receive the right product at the right time at the right cost is an ongoing challenge. We use data innovation, supported by data analysis, to give you a truly effective supply chain.

We can support you through our extensive experience of supply chain management and logistics services to create or optimise an end-to-end supply chain that works for you and your clients.

We offer a range of services, including:

Value chain mapping – using industry best practice techniques, we support you in mapping the supply chain targeting efficiencies.

Supply chain design – our highly experienced team will help you to create an effective and trusted supply chain from project conception.

Supply chain and inventory optimisation mapping and modelling – using our unique smart data intelligence tools and techniques, we identify optimisation opportunities across your supply chain and inventory holdings, including corrective action, identification of items for disposal, stock loading and turn rates.

Procurement – we can help source of unique, difficult-to-find and obsolete item alternatives, as well as providing product pricing and marketplace analysis.

NATO Codification

NATO Codification is the global language of logistics, used by over 60 nations worldwide. We can help you codify your inventory, working with you to implement international standards and guaranteeing visibility within the global supply chain.

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution – instead, we work with you to determine what’s needed, providing data screening services, source data acquisition, source data assessment and training. We employ a number of NATO Codification experts, who were previously involved in developing strategy, policy and training at the UK National Codification Bureau (UKNCB).

The benefits of codification

·       A robust classification system can deliver valuable results to any industry by cataloguing inventory and providing the following benefits:

·       Identifying and removing duplicate items, reducing the cost and time associated with storing unnecessary items

·       Ensuring the correct item of supply by having a unique identifier applicable to the fit, form and function

·       Having visibility of procurement channels and supply chain ensuring parts can be obtained when they are needed

·       Ensuring existing descriptive data is recorded in a standard and searchable format

We provide training for all levels of users of the NATO Codification System from one-day awareness courses through to expert courses.


Data Capture – Document Scanning

The working environment has changed massively since the beginning of 2020 with remote working becoming increasingly prominent. Allan Webb has decades of experience delivering professional scanning services to help our customers become less reliant on hard copy documentation and fully realise the benefits of going digital.

Our professional scanning department specialises in digitising paper and film archives of all sizes across the UK. We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers to ensure that they understand exactly what they will be getting before scanning commences. Each project is bespoke and created to meet requirements and expectations.

What we Scan

·       Paper sizes A6 – A0

·       Business Cards

·       Books

·       Aperture Cards

·       Ascetate Paper

·       Microfiche

·       Photographs

·       Survey Data Extraction

Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence is not just about the tools we develop and use to conduct Data Analytics, but about the intellect we apply through our network of Subject Matter Experts within the company. We foster an ethos of innovation with bespoke, programmable solutions that are developed with the customer at heart.

The correct balance of intelligent tools and people allow us to be both efficient with the upmost levels of quality providing insights that you can trust to make important decisions. Our Data Intelligence team can map together vast quantities of data, identifying key links between the datasets in order to provide a complete picture of the data and a single point of truth. In doing this weak points, data gaps, and configuration issues can be highlighted and fixed before further issues develop.

Our consultancy network can guide you through this process and ensure you understand the results and how the data impacts on your business and operations, even providing training for best practice in controlling and maintaining a quality and configured data set going forward.

The ability to create the complete picture of the data gives the opportunity for that data to be utilised for additional specific tasking such as obsolescence management and supply chain modelling.

Helping you take control of, and better understand your data can reduce cost, improve productivity and ensures the right equipment and parts are there exactly where and when you need them. With our data intelligence services at the core of our delivery, we provide solutions that are bespoke to your needs. We bring together support as the DNA of any solution. Through tailored requirements, we create a single source of truth, which can be relied upon to make informed decisions.


Armed Forces

From Director level downwards, our Veterans, Reservists and partners of service men and women currently make up some 20% of our workforce; with each and every one of them playing an integral role in the success of Allan Webb today.

Investment and support of our armed forces has been incredibly important to the ethos of Allan Webb over our 60 year history and will continue to be vital in our future. We’re fully conversant with the skills and capabilities that ex-Military can bring to the company but also cognizant that transition to civilian life can be both exciting and challenging.

We are fully engaged with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) to employ suitable service leavers wherever possible and have support structures in place to assign appropriate mentors to new employees to ease their integration into the company. The mentor scheme also helps ensure that our new joiners’ true potential is met and training is provided wherever possible.