About tlmNexus

tlmNexus is known and trusted by many in the Ministry of Defence for its Resolve software, which helps to ensure the efficiency, quality and safety of the majority of the aircraft types operating across the three services. Originally designed to support the Typhoon aircraft in the Royal Air Force, Resolve represents a significant step forward in the management of safety, through-life engineering and airworthiness assessment. The system provides an auditable trail of information and shares data securely between the MOD and its suppliers. In order to further realise these benefits the system is being developed to address similar requirements for both the Land and Sea environments. Building on this success tlmNexus are expand into associated sectors requiring Resolve’s Issue Management capability for other long-term, complex projects. As well as Resolve, the company has developed valuable software foundations which similarly link all collaborators involved in other aspects of long-term projects: Requirements Management, Budgeting and Investment Appraisals and Operational Quality Feedback. In recognition of our achievements tlmNexus were awarded the Queen’s Award for Innovation 2018.