About RTP-UK

Rheinmetall Technical Publications UK (RTP) LTD is a 100% subsidiary of RTP GmbH, part of Rheinmetall AG.

RTP are based in Bristol and provide Integrated Logistic Support (ILS), Technical Documentation and Training Solutions. RTP have been providing these services for 40 years to both the defence and commercial sectors.


  • – ILS Service for military and civil systems and equipment
  • – Safety Case
  • – System development support based on reliability and maintainability studies.
  • – Life Cycle Cost (LCC) calculation

Technical Documentation:

RTP offers its customers vast experience in both the military and civil domains. Its authors, engineers and specialists operate in a military and civil environment, allowing an interdisciplinary approach to Land, Sea and Airforce programs.

With over 300 staff, operating in an international environment, together with additional low cost off-shore production facilities, customers can benefit from the company’s specialist knowledge in multinational programs.

Training Solutions:

– RTP is capable of developing and delivering:

  • – Analysis of Training Needs (TNA to JSP822 if required)
  • – Generation of Training Material to DSAT quality standards:
    • – e-Learning Material
    • – Electronic Technical Documentation
    • – Modeling & Simulation
    • – Computer/Web Based Training (CBT/WBT)
    • – CAI for Classrooms
    • – Learning Management Systems (LMS/LCMS)
  • – Provision of Training personnel
  • – SCORM Compliant