About TechDocX

TechDocX are a UK based S1000D solutions company offering software and services to industry.

Our solutions are built out of both passion and real world experience. We are not just developers with an understanding of S1000D, but users of the specification having worked within aerospace and defence for several decades. We’ve witnessed first-hand, real world scenarios and the challenges that companies face with their technical publication and IPS implementation strategies, and build our tools accordingly.

Our goal is building solutions to help users take advantage of the benefits of S1000D and other IPS specifications, whilst reducing the barrier to entry in terms of cost, complexity and expertise required to implement them. We’re not just software vendors….we’re problem solvers and innovators.

What’s more, unlike other companies, our tools are built with a Software as a Service (SaaS) model in mind, meaning you pay as you go and only pay for the users you need, making it affordable and fully scalable.

Our flagship product, NeXuS Cloud, is an innovative and disruptive product that incorporates a secure online S1000D CSDB, integrated Editor and Publishing system with an extensive roadmap to build-in other ‘S’ specifications to help streamline processes while eliminating error and duplication. It’s instantly accessible from anywhere on any device and provides companies the opportunity to collaborate with suppliers, authors, managers and anyone else on the project in the same environment with custom roles, permissions and access rights.

We’re also specialists in Word to S1000D conversions and have developed proprietary software to help get your data from an unstructured format into S1000D efficiently and quickly. We can provide the software in various affordable license types, or even provide the conversion service for our clients.

In addition to this, we can also provide S1000D authoring services and have vast experience of authoring for various prime contractors including Airbus.

So whether it’s software, consultancy or services….TechDocX are your trusted partner for S1000D.