IPS Catalogue 2022

Products & Services

TDW is proud to announce a new resource to the IPS community for 2022. The IPS Catalogue, a centralised resource for IPS projects to identifiy products, services and support for your Integrated Product Support requirements.

More information about the IPS Catalogue

The IPS Catalogue will be available both as an interactive online guide with links to resources, products support and services. The Catalogue will also be made available in print form for those users who require the catalogue as a physical copy.

There is simply no centralised resource for already stretched projects to reference. My vision for this catalogue is that centralised reference guide.

What will be inside the IPS Catalogue?

The first issue will include.

  • Software tools 
  • IPS services
  • Training providers, specifications, standards and software
  • ASD/AIA S-Series support
  • Data conversion services and providers
  • Links to free resources
  • Bespoke development resources
  • and more…
When will the IPS catalogue be available?

The first issue of the IPS Catalogue will be published in early 2022 and will be annually updated and republished each year.

How will I get my copy?

Make sure that you are subscribed to our newsletter and following TDW to receive notifications when the IPSC will be available.

How can I list my company, products and services?

TDW member companies need not contact us at this stage as you will automatically be invited to submit your listing.

Other enquiries or more details, you may contact Claire Ingledew.